Backwash UnitsBackwash units also known and salon washpoints make a difference to your customers experience. When a client visits your salon, they soak up the experience – and quietly form an opinion about your business! Having your hair washed professionally can be a relaxing and invigorating experience, which can be really enhanced by the right choice of wash point. We supply ranges from the economical and practical through to the luxurious and sumptuous. Choose from a menu of adjustable angles, vibrating seats, massage functions and much more. If you get bewildered by the range of functions on offer, don’t worry, contact us on 01270 630280 and we can provide specialist advice on our range of washpoints.

£9.99£15.99 ex VAT

Improves client comfort and helps to reduce water leakage. Designed to fit onto any backwash.

£4.99 ex VAT

Made from silicone and keeps the plughole totaly free from hair or grime.