Our large collection of professional Salon, Beauty, and Barber Equipment and Furniture from Sibel. Customers can be assured of great quality equipment from Sibel at competitive Salon trade prices. Our range includes various products from mirrors and stools, to massage beds and barber chairs. Use the filters on this page to view specific Sibel product areas.

£155.00 ex VAT

The Discrete Trolley has 2 magnetic fastening doors, dryer holder and attachable side tray.

£39.99£75.98 ex VAT

Stylish and practical towel rack in Black, supplied with wall fixings to fix horizontally or vertical.  

£139.99 ex VAT

EyeVac automatic vacuum which makes sweeping up hair so easy for in the salon.

£169.00 ex VAT

With 2 lockable hinged sliding doors, featuring a dryer holder, attachable side tray and rubber wheels.

£16.95 ex VAT

Hot towel steamer 100% cotton towels for use with steamers and warmers, available in white or black.

£229.99 ex VAT

Package RollerCoaster storage unit stool and top bag for mobile hairdressers and beauticians.

£8.19 ex VAT

Transparent Wall Bracket for the 'Direct Salon Furniture Round Salon Mirror.'

£17.99 ex VAT

Soft touch rubber surround to prevent damage to surfaces and mirror.

£74.99 ex VAT

Digital controlled nail filing kit with hand or foot control. Comes with 6 drill bits.

£79.99 ex VAT

Black Square Shaped Tinting Trolley made from an unbreakable material and features two handy brush holders.

£34.49 ex VAT

Ideal folding styling mirror for the mobile hairstylists.

£154.99 ex VAT

Tinting stand with acrylic designed top work surface on castor base.

£11.99 ex VAT

Chrome hair dryer holder which can be fitted below a shelf to swivel to be hidden.

£159.99 ex VAT

Tidy and sleek looking trolley with four profiled drawers, retractable tools tray and holders.

£154.99 ex VAT

Tidy and sleek looking trolley with four profiled drawers, retractable tools tray and holders.

£9.99£26.97 ex VAT

Protecting your salon chairs during hair colouring and other treatments. Available in Single pack, Two packs or Three packs deals.

£195.00 ex VAT

Stylish storage case and stool for mobile hairdressers and beauticians.

£176.99 ex VAT

Stylish saddle stool in gold chromed leather with rollercoaster hair-proof wheels.

£68.99 ex VAT

Nail drill set with up to 25,000RPM all adjustable by button or pedal.

£39.99 ex VAT

Top storage bag which easily slips over existing pull handle to keep your equipment and tools safe.

£79.99 ex VAT

Tinting trolley with a square transparent white work surface made of an unbreakable material.

£2.99£16.95 ex VAT

Professional nail bits for use with Sibel electrical nail filing tool sets.

£13.99 ex VAT

Large back mirror with rubber handles which are gently curved upwards into a v shape.

£17.99 ex VAT

Circular back mirror with handle and rubber edge for silent placement.

£31.99 ex VAT

Wall protection guard to stop unwanted shoe marks below your styling unit.

£69.99 ex VAT

Height adjustable head stand on a large chrome plated base with rubber anti-slip ring.

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£44.99 ex VAT

Perfect for keeping your work surface clean and dust free during nail treatments.  

£104.99 ex VAT

Stylish trolley, ideal for any beauty salon. It features 3 spacious shelves and one pull out drawer.

£19.95 ex VAT

Replacement filters for the Sibel Hairbuster EyeVac Vacuum unit.

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£54.99 ex VAT

The Sehl multi steam system which hold 6 barber shave towels.

£139.99£149.99 ex VAT

Smooth running hair-proof wheels and a comfortable 6cm deep padded seat.

£10.99 ex VAT

Sibel Luna Original Back Mirror Sibel Luna Original Back Mirror, large back mirror with easy ergonomic grip and hanging hook. Mirror size 27cm.

£299.00 ex VAT

Practical and functional folding manicure desk with has a large work surface and handy 3 drawer storage unit. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR POST CODE FOR A DELIVERY COST.

£41.99 ex VAT

Cleans tools in 45 to 60 minutes using ultra-violet radiation.

£64.99 ex VAT

Barbury Arthur multi steam system which hold 12 barber shave towels.

£241.99 ex VAT

Features 4 slide out drawers, 6 side trays, a waste bin and a flat top to place products.

£179.99£334.99 ex VAT

Beauty trolley on wheels which features a solid chrome frame and two shelves and two drawers.

£143.99£149.99 ex VAT

Comfortable black seat, aluminium 5 star base and smooth running, hair-proof wheels.

£10.99£23.99 ex VAT

Metal dryer holder ring or hanging side caddy for the Sibel Discrete trolleys both available in black or white.

£139.99 ex VAT

Stylish saddle stool in chromed leather with rollercoaster hair-proof wheels.

£51.99 ex VAT

Comfortable round stool with 6cm thick black seat on a 5 star base.

£339.00 ex VAT

Features a chest of three sliding drawers, large top work surface and a white hand rest cushion.

£12.95 ex VAT

Disposable 100% polyester massage bed cover in a pack of 10.  

£177.00 ex VAT

Sturdy salon trolley with 5 drawers, side dryer holder and silent rubber wheels.

£184.99 ex VAT

Comfortable mobile manicure table with an adjustable work surface tray.

£149.99 ex VAT

Medium hot towel cabinet with added UV lamp option.

£17.99 ex VAT

Wall mounted hair dryer holder which is wall mounted.

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£8.99 ex VAT

Back mirror dressed in foam making it almost unbreakable but please avoid front mirror collision.