View our wide range of Carlton Professional treatment machines, including the popular facial and body galvanic units, high frequency machines, and ultraderm units. A great choice of high quality products from a leading UK beauty machine manufacturer.

£595.00 ex VAT

Supplied with a highly insulated hand piece plus five of the most popular glass electrodes.

£399.00 ex VAT

Uses the electrodes to generate slimming and muscular toning and as a result of this it will stimulate the skin and improving its appearance.

£1,025.00£1,095.00 ex VAT

Combines two effective methods of hair removal that simultaneously increase the success of the treatment.

£675.00 ex VAT

Neat and attractive unit with a LCD current display, designed for deep cleansing of the skin.

£695.00£740.00 ex VAT

A higher frequency than basic units enabling the operator to perform successful epilation with much less discomfort to your client.

£2,450.00 ex VAT

A combination unit which brings you the ultimate in new innovative treatments.

£1,375.00 ex VAT

Microcurrent mains operated treatment unit with a specially designed programmes.

£1,425.00 ex VAT

Carlton Faradic is a totally transistorised passive muscle exerciser with 10 outlets feeding 20 electrode pads. Each outlet has an individual intensity control.

£1,195.00 ex VAT

Contained in one neat and functional unit, supplied with full accessories for facial therapy treatments.

£975.00 ex VAT

Comprehensive multi-outlet unit for all professional treatments.