£450.00£486.00 ex VAT

Features a digital display providing performance which is safe and reliable.

£685.00 ex VAT

Used in the treatment of cellulite and surplus fatty tissue.

£385.00 ex VAT

Facial F1 offers mono or bi-directional faradic pulses over a single facial output.

£929.00 ex VAT

Faradic Machine has 10 Outlets with 20 pads incorporating all the features of the slimline 16 model. Please email for delivery dates.

£789.00 ex VAT

Combines all the features of the G1 and the G4 machines as a combined body and facial system.

£449.00 ex VAT

Unique design in Facial Galvanic equipment, ensuring safe, deep cleansing.

£375.00 ex VAT

Professional unit, offering complete safety and deliverance of treatments.