WBX WashpointsWBX Washpoints are designed for comfort and practicality. Getting your hair washed in a salon is a great experience, which can be improved further by the right choice of backwash unit.  If you are looking to source shabby chic salon furniture for the increasingly popular vintage and baroque styles, there really is no better range on the market than WBX. They specialise in the vintage look that is extremely current and can really make a refreshing change from the more common style of simple shapes and lines. In a competitive sector where salon owners are looking for a design angle to stand out from the crowd, bold salon furniture choices can really make a difference. We have been supplying salon equipment and furniture since 2005 and are happy to advise salon owners on the best product choices for their needs. Please browse our range and feel free to call us on 01270 630280 for help and advice.

£10.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder for your equipment popular trade favourite.

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£429.00£489.00 ex VAT

Stand alone backwash unit with deep basin with tilt mechanism on a silver pedestal.

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£13.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder with silver chrome detangling brush.

£899.00 ex VAT

Beautifully hand crafted washpoint with a detailed wooden frame.

£869.00£899.00 ex VAT

Reproduction style washpoint with buttoned chair back finish available.

£950.00£980.00 ex VAT

Hand crafted with a wooden frame and stud detailing.

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£529.00 ex VAT

WBX Lavaggio Front Wash Basin complete with mixer tap, shower head and hose.

£849.00 ex VAT

Comfortable and sturdy wash unit, elegantly designed and hand built in the UK.

£135.00 ex VAT

Allows for an easy connection of two or more washpoints from the WBX 2000 series.