Beauty EquipmentBeauty equipment is vital for the beauty professional as you will know that a beauty salon is often as good as the range and quality of treatments available. Beauty is an exciting and fast moving business and new treatments and equipment are always emerging which generate interest and demand. At Direct Salon Furniture we stock and supply a truly huge range of beauty equipment!

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coated with a medical-grade, metacrylic insulator to protect the skin from over treatment and the patient from discomfort.

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Undergoes extra shaping and polishing  in order to achieve the ideal point profile for Telangiectasia treatments.

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Stainless Steel needle sculpted from Swedish surgical steel. For clients with strong resistant skin.

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Button switched needle holder for use with hair removal machines.

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Features a digital display providing performance which is safe and reliable.

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Considerably accelerates the destruction of the follicle, giving rapid results.

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Coated with 24ct, nickel-free Gold. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin.

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PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES Unique unit giving you the most effective, comfortable hair removal for your clients.

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Combines two effective methods of hair removal that simultaneously increase the success of the treatment.

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Electrolysis and thermolysis machine with an innovative blend method which utilises low intensity currents.

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Epilator which provides fast and comfortable hair removal & thread vein treatments for your clients.

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PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES Unique unit with training offering a complete electrolysis solution for your customers.

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PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES Unique unit with training giving you comfortable hair removal for your clients.

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Advanced digital diathermy Epilator with a built in timer, touch key pad and precise settings.

Our range includes foot spas, salon autoclaves, body shaping and body toning machines, micro-dermabrasion or diamond peeling is another popular treatment for results driven exfoliation or wrinkle eradication. Electrolysis, Galvanic Machines, High Frequency, Machines Massage Machines and Micro-current Machine are popular pieces of equipment too.  There are many other items too so choose from our wide range of professional range of machines and please call us if you wish to discuss any of these products with us or require any other help or advice. Please call us on 01270 630280 if you need assistance.