Galvanic MachineA Galvanic Machine is a superb addition to a beauty salon or spa. Used for body and facial rejuvenation, some machines are intended for one use or the other while more advanced units cater for both. Browse our range and offer your clients the latest treatments. If you need any help selecting which galvanic machine might work best for you, please call us on 01270 630280 and our qualified staff would be happy to discuss any issues with you.

£119.00 ex VAT

Eases the penetration of cosmetic products and provides deep facial cleansing treatments.

£685.00 ex VAT

Used in the treatment of cellulite and surplus fatty tissue.

£325.00 ex VAT

Provides deep facial cleansing treatments for all skin types.

£675.00 ex VAT

Neat and attractive unit with a LCD current display, designed for deep cleansing of the skin.

£789.00 ex VAT

Combines all the features of the G1 and the G4 machines as a combined body and facial system.

£449.00 ex VAT

Unique design in Facial Galvanic equipment, ensuring safe, deep cleansing.

£979.00 ex VAT

Comprehensive multi-outlet unit for all professional treatments.

£399.00 ex VAT

Electronic L.E.D output display, precise touch pad intensity controls and reverse polarity switch.