WBX Salon ChairsWBX Salon Chairs are just one part of the distinctive WBX salon furniture range, aimed at the discerning salon owner. We are proud to supply the full range of WBX chairs, in a really wide range of fabrics. WBX as a company have placed their focus squarely on product development, and are increasingly developing a strong product portfolio in the area of baroque, shabby chic salon furniture and vintage style. WBX also produce a very popular selection of barber chairs that compliment their styling chairs and backwash units for that perfect hair-wash.

£2.99 ex VAT

Protection backrest cover for the styling or backwash chairs.

£4.49£5.99 ex VAT

Protection chair backrest cover for the styling or backwash chairs.

£275.00£369.00 ex VAT

Multi-purpose styling chair, used as for styling, beauty treatments or back wash.

£375.00£479.00 ex VAT

One of a kind salon chair that can be used for multiple treatments.

£699.00£724.00 ex VAT

Elegant and reliable, with a wooden frame and stud detailing.

£36.99 ex VAT

Set of replacement clear seat and backrest cover for the popular Comforto styling or reclining chairs.

£799.00£854.00 ex VAT

High quality UK hand crafted reclining seat, both practical and elegant.

£475.00£495.00 ex VAT

This chair conveys traditional quality through design and flair.

£349.00£479.00 ex VAT

Barbers buttoned back chair with footrest, stud detailing and stylish chrome arm rests and available on a choice of bases.

£329.00£469.00 ex VAT

Buttoned back styling chair with stud detailing and stylish chrome arm rests available on a choice of bases.  

£799.00£854.00 ex VAT

Reproduction style and hand crafted in the UK with reclining seat, making it both practical and elegant.

£595.00£650.00 ex VAT

Hand Crafted in the UK with only the best materials.

£645.00£700.00 ex VAT

Contemporary styling chair, hand crafted in the UK.

£649.00£675.00 ex VAT

Elegant and practical design with unparalleled attention to detail.

£249.00£350.00 ex VAT

Fantastic looking large salon chair with a classic design and feel finished in black upholstery.

Please call our team for more information on these products on 01270 630280. We have many years experience in all aspects of salon furniture equipment, both for the hair salon and beauty salon. Our office hours are Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm or Friday between 9am to 3pm. Our help team will be happy to give you advice and assistance.