Foil Machines for salons who need foils of different lengths and with or without folds, saving you time and money in the salon when producing colours.

£249.00£269.98 ex VAT

The 3rd Generation foil machine making a quick and easy solution of using foils in your salon.

£28.25 ex VAT

Extra wide premium foil refill which is specifically designed for use with the Procare 24*7 machine.

£24.25 ex VAT

100mm refill foil which is designed for use with the Procare 24*7 machine, supplied on an easy fit inner core.

£24.99 ex VAT

Coloured foil pack which includes blue, gold, silver and red.

£67.00 ex VAT

New style foil dispenser which is the perfect way to store and dispense foil if you prefer to tear by hand.