Salon Water HeatersSalon Water Heaters help when wash points are constantly in use. Maintaining the right water temperature can become a challenge and a Salon Master can help! Give your clients a comfortable hair wash by selecting a salon water heater that will meet the peak demands of your salon.  This system really is the best hot water system on the market for today’s hairdresser. Each item has been designed to provide your salon with constant, unlimited supplies of hot and cold water to all mixer taps.  This also includes staffroom, dispensary basins and beauty facilities if required.  The Salon Master Hot Water System totally eliminates all temperature and pressure variations at the wash points and ensures the water pressure and temperature remain the constant regardless of how many wash points are in use.  For advice on product suitability or for any technical information feel free to call us on 01270 630280 and we will be happy to assist.

£950.00£1,015.00 ex VAT

3-4 Wash Basins (unit size 980mm x 540mm).

£795.00£860.00 ex VAT

1-3 Wash Basins (unit size 755mm x 540mm).  

£1,115.00 ex VAT

5-6 Wash Basins (unit size 1455mm x 540mm).  

£1,285.00 ex VAT

6-7 Wash Basins (unit size 1755mm x 540mm).

£1,050.00£1,115.00 ex VAT

4-5 Wash Basins (unit size 1255mm x 540mm).