Takara Belmont Choco Styling Chair

£1,640.00£1,720.00 ex VAT | £1,968.00 inc VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES  : Retro chair with a detail stitching and a broadly-quilted seat.

ES1 WhiteES1 White
ES10 Light BrownES10 Light Brown
ES11 Mocha BrownES11 Mocha Brown
ES12 BrownES12 Brown
ES13 RedES13 Red
ES14 CamelES14 Camel
ES16 Light BlueES16 Light Blue
ES17 Light GreenES17 Light Green
ES18 GreenES18 Green
ES21 BeigeES21 Beige
ES8 BlackES8 Black
ES9 IvoryES9 Ivory
NH11 Olive GreenNH11 Olive Green
NH5 BlackNH5 Black
VT5 BeigeVT5 Beige
VT6 GreenVT6 Green
NH1 WhiteNH1 White
NH7 RedNH7 Red
NH8 BrownNH8 Brown
NH9 Camel RNH9 Camel R
NL1 WhiteNL1 White
NL11 Maroon BrownNL11 Maroon Brown
NL12 BrownNL12 Brown
NL2 IvoryNL2 Ivory
NL24 Dark BrownNL24 Dark Brown
NL25 Mocha BrownNL25 Mocha Brown
NL3 Light GreyNL3 Light Grey
NL4 Charcoal GreyNL4 Charcoal Grey
NL5 BlackNL5 Black
NL6 RedNL6 Red
NL8 Light BrownNL8 Light Brown
VT1 BlackVT1 Black
VT2 Dark BrownVT2 Dark Brown
VT3 Red BrownVT3 Red Brown
VT4 CamelVT4 Camel