£155.00 ex VAT

The Discrete Trolley has two magnetic fastening doors, four sliding equipment drawers, a dryer holder and attachable side tray for larger tall bottles or aerosols.

£25.25£49.00 ex VAT

The Rem replacement shower hose for use with for all REM backwash units which have mixing valve sets with shower heads.

£16.99 ex VAT

Place this neck cushion on your wash point to improve customer comfort while washing.

Out of stock
£121.00 ex VAT

Mixing valve kit which includes valve, hose, hand-spray, hot & cold flexi hoses and basin sleeve.

£59.50 ex VAT

New chrome handspray, new black hose and new handspray holding sleeve kit for use with all Rem ceramic basins fitted to REM backwash units.

£29.50 ex VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES Clear protective chair back covers tailored to your particular Rem styling chair or washpoint chair.

£115.00 ex VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES Stylish and modern unit designed specifically for hair colours, holds approx 72 tubes.

£129.00 ex VAT

Used to increase blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity and remove bacteria.

£43.99 ex VAT

Highly absorbent hairdressing towels which are bleach resistant and made from 100% cotton.

£12.99 ex VAT

Handy backwash tool holder for your equipment popular trade favourite.

£59.99 ex VAT

Improves work efficiency by around 30%, due to it promoting blood circulation and reducing pain.

£275.00£299.00 ex VAT

One lever that locks the saddle in any desired position and a second that adjusts the seat height.

£129.00£137.00 ex VAT

Studio trolley available in Black or White and comes with a flat work surface top and trays can be clipped to the top when working for easy access..

£179.00 ex VAT

A practical, stylish trolley with 6 generously spaced drawers and two hinged accessory trays making it ideal for your hair salon or beauty salon.

£206.00 ex VAT

Compact steel frame with easy clean castors, a dryer holster and six sliding trays. PLEASE NOTE: To see laminate colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below.

£249.00£376.00 ex VAT

A white sumo backwash basin from REM which is available with or without a tilting mechanism. PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES

£4.99 ex VAT

From Hair Tools a basin hair trap which is made from silicone and keeps your salon plug hole totally free from hair or grime.

£25.99 ex VAT

Chrome handspray for use on Rem washpoints.  

£369.00 ex VAT

White porcelain frontwash basin which is ideal for barbershops, hairdressing salons and care homes.    

£175.00 ex VAT

Stylish mobile case which can act as a cutting stool with lots of equipment storage which makes it ideal for mobile hairdressers and beauticians.

£2.99£16.95 ex VAT

Professional nail bits for use with Sibel electrical nail filing tool sets.

£989.00 ex VAT

Three motor couch, complete with face hole, insert pillow and removable arms. PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY COST WITH YOUR POST CODE.    

£149.00£159.00 ex VAT

Beauty stool with heavy duty base with castor wheels and a gas lift pump for simple height adjustment.

£185.00£195.00 ex VAT

A simple yet stylish mirror unit traditionally designed with shelf which easily mounts to the wall, popular seller in black.

£1,275.00£1,630.00 ex VAT

Classic barbershop design in the most compact, stylish form. A popular piece of furniture from the Belmont barber range.  

£39.99 ex VAT

A top storage bag for on top of the Sibel Rollercoaster Stool Case which easily slips over existing pull handle great for keeping your equipment and tools safe.

£159.99£199.99 ex VAT

practical and sturdy salon trolley, available in a range of laminate colours.

£624.00£739.00 ex VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES : Available in two standard sizes and comes with open storage space to the rear. PLEASE NOTE: To see laminate colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below.  

£37.45 ex VAT

Extra wide premium foil refill which is specifically designed for use with the Procare 24*7 machine.

£139.00 ex VAT

A popular beauty trolley from REM supplied with with five spacious trays and a flat work top surface.

£1,335.00 ex VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES : Luxurious, high quality motorised beauty couch with soft, thick padded cushioning.    

£350.00£472.00 ex VAT

A clean and smartly designed hydraulic styling chair from REM with a choice of upholstery colours and choices at a very competitive price. PLEASE NOTE: To see fabric colour options and positions, see our product visualiser below.

£139.99£149.99 ex VAT

Smooth running hair-proof wheels and a comfortable 6cm deep padded seat.

£159.00 ex VAT

Holds approximately 13 - 15 face towels with a UV lamp that removes germs and bacteria.

£349.00 ex VAT

A stylish, practical reclining chair with headrest, footrest and locking hydraulic pump base, ideal for use at the backwash or as a threading chair.  

£299.00 ex VAT

Practical and functional folding manicure desk with has a large work surface and handy 3 drawer storage unit. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR POST CODE FOR A DELIVERY COST.

£69.99 ex VAT

Professional 48W nail lamp which uses a dual optical wavelength to expertly cure UV and LED products.

£299.00£417.00 ex VAT

PLEASE EMAIL FOR DELIVERY DATES : Classically designed salon chair with scratch resistant, chrome steel arms.

£379.00 ex VAT

Package includes 9 different Heads, 2 applicator handles and sub filter system.

£28.80 ex VAT

coated with a medical-grade, metacrylic insulator to protect the skin from over treatment and the patient from discomfort.

£65.99 ex VAT

A minimalist design making it ideal for both home and salon use, one button does it all, with mechanical timer.