Garage Salon Conversions – a New Trend for 2020?

Garage Salon Conversions

Is it time to invest in the continuity of your business?

You have to have been living on the moon to have failed to notice that 2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses, but especially those public facing sectors such as hospitality, gyms and of course, salons. No sooner has the “new normal” given a brief window of respite to hard working business owners than new restrictions are announced and people are plunged back into lockdown.

In amongst these challenges, a new idea has started to emerge – working from home. For some people that might mean a laptop and a quiet room away from the kids, but for others like salon professionals, things are not quite so simple. Enter ‘Garage Salon Conversions”….

We have had a huge uptick in recent weeks in salon professionals contacting us about the feasibility of converting garage spaces into salons. From simple functional rooms through to more ambitious ideas, barbers, hairdressers and beauty professionals are creating rooms that enable them to carry on in business even when their usual professional places of work are closed down. With an uncertain future, and with appropriate insurance in place, these investments are looking increasingly shrewd and far-sighted.

Direct Salon Furniture are happy to advise customers of the most suitable and easy to install kit, from barber chairs to backwash units and salon mirrors, end even down to things like choosing the right garage floor paint to use to create a professional salon floor, quickly and economically. We also have a great working relationship with REM who offer a salon design service and are happy to help make the most of the space you have available to you. For more information, call us on 01270 630280 and we will be happy to assist you.