Gas Lift or Hydraulic Styling Chairs

Crystal Hydraulic Styling Chair

The difference between gas lift or hydraulic styling chairs is like the difference between a pair of basic scissors and a top quality pair.

With a hydraulic styling chair you set the chair at its lowest and invite your customer into the chair, pump your customer up to the required height using the foot pump bar, for the hairdressing technique you are about to commence with, colour, perm or cutting hair, lock the chair by pulling up the foot pump bar with the top of your foot which stops it rotating and commence with your job, when you have finished you push the foot bar down to unlock and your customer returns to the starting position and you invite your customer out of the chair, making a more pleasurable and professional experience for your customer.

With a gas lift styling chair you have to ask your customer to stay out of the chair until you have it at the required height by pulling the hand lever under the seat up to release the chair up, then your customer may sit, the gas lift chair does not lock or stop rotating, you do your hairdressing technique, finish then pull the lever up again to release the gas lift and your customer goes down.
As mentioned before the difference between a weight (something useful) and a feather which is not.

Unsurprisingly most salon professionals opt for a hydraulic styling chair!