Takara Belmont Barbers Chairs

takara belmont apollo 2 barbers chair

Takara Belmont salon furniture came in to existence in 1921 when founding president Hidenobu Yoshhikawa established Takara Chuzo, they started producing barbers chairs in 1932.

Takara Belmont

By the 50’s they decided to start in America and in 1956 Takara Company N.Y was established in New York, since this went so well they moved on to Europe establishing Belmont Chairs London in 1959, since then they have become the number one for salon furniture ranges in hairdressing and barbering all around the world.

Barbers Chairs

Takara Belmont’s traditional barbers chairs are world renowned and in a lot of the top barbers salons in different countries, they now offer salon chairs and salon wash points to the hairdressing industry, From their popular Dandy Styling Chair to the Styling Sofa Range which has three different specifications.

Takara Belmont’s Rollerball-F Processor halves the processing time of colour & perm treatments and heats up to 40C degrees in two minutes, comes fully pre-programmable with adjustable settings which gives the hairdresser complete control over the process.

Takara Belmont have two showrooms in GB, one in London and one in Manchester, they also can design your new salon in conjunction with Direct Salon Furniture, please ring 01270 630280 for full details.