Starting a salon

REM Vogue Reception Desk

As hairdressers work through their career, they gain confidence and learn new skills to compliment their hairdressing and then one day they suddenly realise that they should open there own salon. They usually see the owner of the salon they have been working in taking a lions share of the money and only paying them a wage, they soon realise once they start setting their salon up there is a lot of hard work involved in getting it started and also when they move on to running a successful hairdressing salon, but they all find it can be very fruitful and profitable.

Firstly you need to look for the right location, this can be key to a successful salon business, is there passing trade, ie walk bys, buses and traffic with future customers on, near cafes and supermarkets and obviously no other hairdessing shops around. Once your location is found then the solicitors become involved wether you are renting or buying your salon, this can be a drawn out procedure but worth while because your solicitor is working with your interests in mind and if you have never seen a rental lease if renting, they can be very detailed and lengthy or on the other hand if buying your salon, again the legal documents are lengthy and detailed.

While all this is coming together its time to think about a name, do you want your name to be simple, funny or discriptive, its handy to do a long list of names and get some feedback off your friends and family.  After your salon is secured then you can move onto design and decoration, our own designers who we work in conjunction with at can work with the space you have from just the sizes of your shop emailed into us or visit your shop for a more detailed design service, usual cost of this is £450 + vat. Our designers will work to find the best working enviroment for you and your employees.

When your shop is designed then you can move onto probably the best part of setting up a hairdressing shop, picking your furniture, which type of furniture do you want ultra modern, standard but trendy or do you want the bohemian look, all these types and a wider range of furniture can be found on or our dedicated furniture site, we also work in conjunction with the top markques in salon furniture  all our hairdressing chairs and salon furniture are all made with you and your customer in mind, comfort for your customer and ease of use for you.

Once everything is in place and you have a opening date all you need to do is organize your grand opening party and enjoy all your hard work.