The REM Salon Design Service

Salon Design

We have been working for a number of years with REM to help you to make the salon of your imagination a reality.

Using their industry expertise and creative flair, REM Design can help you plan your dream salon, offering advice on products, colours and layout to help you get the most out of your budget.

Whether your salon is large or small, and regardless of budget, they are always excited by the opportunity to create an environment that is stimulating, motivating and inspiring for your staff and clients. With an extensive range of furniture to choose from, you can personalise your salon by using the REM Design service.

REM Salon Design

How it works

The REM Design experience begins with one of their knowledgeable team members arranging to meet with you to discuss your project. During this visit, accurate site measurements will be taken before discussing your needs and preferences, and explaining the REM Design process – detailing styles, colours, quantities and potential layouts to help you realise your dream.

Once back in the office, the REM design team uses the measurements taken to create a set of bespoke scaled floor plans and 3D visuals to suit your brief. Their state-ofthe-art, industry-leading CAD technology ensures that these visuals accurately represent both your salon and our design.

When your requirements include items not offered on our standard range, such as reception desks, seating or styling sections, they can design and build bespoke solutions to your exact specifications using REM Bespoke.

REM combine your vision with their expertise to deliver a range of inspired designs that will accurately represent your brand.

We are currently working on many projects with REM who offer a complete salon design service also make salon furniture which carries a three-year warranty. For a fee of just £295.00 + VAT they will make an appointment with you at your salon. REM then take all the measurements needed to produce a dimensional sketch of your salon and also during their visit help you to decide the best positions for your reception area, styling units and wash points. They will also discuss colour schemes and project management during this meeting if required.

Following the initial consultation, REM then design a new plan for your shop and supply two design packs which will contain a 2D Scale Plan, a 3D Visual Plan and a digital version of the plans on a CD. The initial fee of £295.00 + VAT is refundable on receipt of a sales order of £3000.00 + VAT on REM furniture.

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