Top Selling Salon Chairs

Top Selling Chairs

Our top selling salon chairs for 2016

Looking for top selling salon chairs? We sell numerous salon chairs to the UK hair and beauty industry and certain chairs emerge as best sellers. Here at Direct Salon Furniture we have compiled a list of our top selling salon chairs, from every brand throughout our range. To help give you an idea of the variety of styles available and latest salon trends. Please see the links below:

Top selling salon chairs

Ayala Obsession Hydraulic Styling Chair.

Crewe Orlando
Crewe Orlando Barbados Hydraulic Styling Chair

Crewe Orlando Barbados Hydraulic Styling Chair.

Direct Salon Furniture
Direct Salon Furniture Lima Hydraulic Styling Chair

Direct Salon Furniture Lima Hydraulic Styling Chair.


Mia Prince Styling Chair
Mia Prince Styling Chair.


REM Ariel Hydraulic Styling Chair in Coloured Upholstery
REM Ariel Hydraulic Styling Chair.

Takara Belmont

Takara Belmont Dandy Styling Chair
Takara Belmont Dandy Styling Chair.


Barber Styling Chairs
WBX Windsor Hydraulic Styling Chair.

Children’s Seats

Direct Salon Furniture Pasha Child's Seat
Pasha Child’s Seat.

Barber’s Chairs

REM Emperor Barbers Chair
REM Emperor Barbers Chair.




Feel free to view our full range of salon chairs including barber chairs, backwash chairs and beauty client chairs. f you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team via email on or by telephone on 01270 630280 and we will be happy to give you advice and assistance.